Tigrigna music means music of Tigray ane Eritrea. The majorities in each of these territories share the same language, Tigrigna. Tigrigna music, doinant in Tigray and Eritrea, is quite distinct, both rhythmically and melodically, from “Ethiopian” music, though both are based on the pentatonic scale. The traditional instruments and musical practices are similar, while their names may vary. Aside from the Tigrean Bèzuayènè Zègèyè, most of the artists featured on this album are of Eritrean ofigin: Tsèhaytu Bèraki, Tèwèodè Rèdda, Tebèreh “Doris Day” Tèsfa-Hunegn, Tèklé Tèsfa-Ezghi.

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V/A: Ethiopiques Vol.5 - Tigrigna Music

V/A: Ethiopiques Vol.5 - Tigrigna Music