Mandy Gaines, vocals
Pekka Toivanen, tenor sax
Petri Krzywacki, guitar
Georgos Kontrafouris, piano
Wade Mikkola, bass
Thomas Rönnholm, drums

1. Them there eyes (Pinkard, Tracy, Tauber)
2. Taking a chance on love (Duke, LaTouche, Fetter)
3. You don’t know me (Arnold, Walker)
4. Centerpiece (Edison, Hendricks)
5. S’wonderful (Gershwin)
6. My romance (Rodgers, Hart)
7. There’s no such thing as love (Newley, Fraser)
8. I just found out about love (McHugh, Adamson)
9. Cheek to cheek (Berlin)
10. Miss Otis regrets (Porter)
11. Our day will come (Garson, Hilliard)
12. Moonlight in Vermont (Suessdorf, Blackburn)
13. The way you look tonight (Kern, Fields)
14. In the wee small hours of the morning (Mann, Hilliard)

AMK 1003

18,00 €