Archie Shepp–Bill Dixon Quartet at the 8th World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki 1962

Sezgin Boynik, Taneli Viitahuhta
pp. 6–10

Ten Days That Shook The World
Pekka Saarnio
pp. 12–17

Archie Shepp and Bill Dixon in Helsinki, 1962
Jeff Schwartz

Jazz Wars in Finland 1962
Erkki Pälli, Pertti Hynynen, Bertil Sundin, Dim.
pp. 28–35

Policed in the East
Taneli Viitahuhta
pp. 36–67

1962 Testimonies
Ann Eccles, Donald Quinlan, Perry Robinson, Angela Davis, Johan von Bonsdorff
pp. 68–72

Black Music Survived Not Because But in Spite of Capitalism
Interview with Archie Shepp
pp. 74–85

I Will Not Let You Misconstrue Me
Three Texts by Archie Shepp
pp. 86–108

A Lily in Spite of the Swamp
Sezgin Boynik
pp. 110–165

Rab-Rab Press 2020

15,00 €
BOYNIK, Sezgin & Taneli Viitahuhta (toim.): Free Jazz Communism (kirja)

BOYNIK, Sezgin & Taneli Viitahuhta (toim.): Free Jazz Communism (kirja)