“Wadada Leo Smith’s latest album features “Rosa Parks: Pure Love. An Oratorio of Seven Songs”, another extended composition by Smith inspired by the civil rights movement in the United States. This new major work is composed for the iconic civil rights hero Rosa Parks (1913–2005) and performed by three vocalists, a double-quartet and a drummer with electronics.”

Wadada Leo Smith, trumpetti, sävellykset
Diamond Voices
RedKoral Quartet
BlueTrumpet Quartet
Janus Duo

1. Prelude: Journey
2. Vision Dance 1: Resistance And Unity
3. Rosa Parks: Mercy, Music For Double Quartet
4. Song 1: The Montgomery Bus Boycott – 381 Days of Fire
5. Song 2: The First Light, Gold
6. Vision Dance 2: Defiance, Justice And Liberation
7. Song 3: Change It!
8. Song 4: The Truth
9. Song 5: No Fear
10. Vision Dance 3: Rosa’s Blue Lake
11. Song 6: The Second Light
12. Vision Dance 4: A Blue Casa
13. Song 7: Pure Love
14. The Known World: Apartheid
15. Postlude: Victory!

TUM Records 2019

22,00 €
SMITH, Wadada Leo: Rosa Parks: Pure Love

SMITH, Wadada Leo: Rosa Parks: Pure Love

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