Peter Brötzmann, altto- ja tenorisaksofoni
Joe McPhee, tenorisaksofoni, trumpetti
Kent Kessler, basso
Michael Zerang, rummut

1. Stone Poem No. 1
2. Something There Is That Doesn’t Love
3. Master Of A Small House
4. Cymbalism
5. Alto Lightning In A Violin Sky
6. From Now Till Doomsday
7. Do You Still Love Me / Did I Ever?
8. In Anticipation Of The Next
9. Blessed Assurance
10. Pieces Of Red, Green And Blue
11. Stone Poem No. 2

Hat Hut Records 2002 / 2015

20,00 €
BRÖTZMANN, Peter: Tales Out Of Time

BRÖTZMANN, Peter: Tales Out Of Time